CC Search Extension

A Cross-Browser extension which lets you search, filter, and use images in the public domain and under Creative Commons licenses.

Install on your favorite browser

GIF demonstrating searching and filters in CC Search Extension

search and filter cc-licensed content

Search through millions of CC-licensed images and use filters to find the content that best meets your needs. You can filter by use-case, licenses, sources, file-type, image-type, image-size, and aspect-ratio.

bookmark your favorite images

While searching if you find images that you will be using later, you can bookmark and save them in the extension.

GIF demonstrating bookmarks section in CC Search Extension

GIF demonstrating image insertion from extension into a wordpress blog post

It's super easy to add images in your works

Using the extension you can easily add images in your works without disturbing your workflow. After you have found the images that you want to use, it a matter of few clicks. In the GIF, we have demonstrated this by adding an image to a dummy blog post on wordpress.

40+ Sources

You will find sources that have digital art, museum collections, svg images and icons, personal photography, stock images, and much more.

GIF demonstrating the sources section of CC Search Extension

More features

Exporting/importing bookmarks enables easy sharing and archiving

Get relevant Image tags and recommendations

One-click easy attribution

Options page for custom settings

Auto-sync custom settings and bookmarks

Dark mode