Open Source Internships: Overview


Creative Commons (CC) regularly participates in the following programs:

Google Season of Docs (GSoD)

Creative Commons is not participating in the 2021 round of Google Season of Docs.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

Organization application in progress.


Creative Commons is not participating in the 2021 May round of Outreachy.


  • Project Ideas: This is a list of project ideas for our internships. Please note that these project ideas are shared between all current internship programs and all ideas may not be available for all programs. Please check the project description carefully.
  • Applicant Guide: This is a guide for all internship applicants. You must read and follow instructions in this guide if you are applying for an internship at Creative Commons.
  • Intern Guide: This guide describes the expectations and responsibilities for accepted interns.
  • Mentor Guide: This is a guide for mentors who are mentoring Creative Commons projects.
  • History: This page has historical information on CC's open source internships, including links to prior interns' blog posts.


Here are our mentors for 2021 GSoC:

Name Slack Username
Abhishek Naidu @Abhishek Naidu
Hugo Solar @hugo
Nimish Bongale @nimishnb
Timid Robot Zehta @Timid Robot
Zack Krida @zack krida