Join the CC Developer Community

Join our Slack, IRC, or mailing list communities to meet with other developers interested in Creative Commons, get feedback on your projects, and talk with CC's full-time engineering staff.


Creative Commons has a large Slack community with sub-communities for tech/developers (of course), the CC Global Network, specific countries, open education, GLAM, and more. It is open to the public and you can sign up here. If you're not familiar with Slack, please read "Getting Started" on Slack's usage guide. Information on joining a specific channel is on "Join a channel".

The channels most relevant to CC's developer community are:

Channel Purpose
#cc-developers General technical discussion, new tech blog posts
#cc-dev-wordpress Discussion related to the CC WordPress plugin (a GSoC 2019 project)
#cc-dev-linkchecker Discussion related to the CC automated link checker
#cc-gsoc General Google Summer of Code related discussion
#cc-usability General usability discussions, seeking feedback on new releases of CC products from the community
#gsoc-browser-ext Discussion related to the CC Search browser extension (a GSoC 2019 project)
#gsoc-cc-catalog-viz Discussion related to the CC Catalog visualizations (a GSoC 2019 project)
#gsoc-cc-vocabulary Discussion related to CC Vocabulary (a GSoC 2019 project)
#gsoc-license-chooser Discussion related to the new CC license chooser (a GSoC 2019 project)


  • You will automatically join the #general and #cc-announcements channels when you sign in to Slack for the first time.
    • #general is for general purpose discussions relevant to CC.
    • #cc-announcements is reserved for important announcements from CC staff.
  • For more information about how Creative Commons uses Slack, see the Slack page on the CC public wiki.
  • If you're looking to talk to someone on CC's full-time engineering staff, we are all in the Americas and you're most likely to find us on Slack between 11:00 and 23:00 UTC on weekdays.

Mailing List

You can join the active CC Developers mailing list on Google Groups.

The archives of our previous developer mailing list are here.


Please join the #creativecommons-dev channel on Freenode. This channel is mirrored to the #cc-developers channel on Slack so that messages posted on Slack show up on IRC and vice-versa.

If you're not familiar with IRC, here's a good guide to getting started. You can also join using the Freenode webchat.

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