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CC Browser Extension Week 5, 6


by Mayank Nader on 2019-07-04

This blog is part of the series: GSoC 2019: CC Search Browser Extension

For the context, I am working on my GSoC project that is to make a browser-extension to search CC Licensed content in the public domain by interacting with CC Catalog API.

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Work Done

These couple weeks were spent on finishing the filter section, setting up infinite-scroll and fixing issues and bugs after some days of testing.

Most of the filter section was complete but I missed a tiny detail that the Catalog API does not accept both the license and use-case filter queries in the same request. I did some changes in the code for generating the valid URL for every filter action and added the relevant UI changes of deselecting and disabling the license drop-down when a use-case is selected.

The infinite scroll was set-up by following the classic solution of firing another request to the API when the user scrolls to the bottom and appending the thumbnails of the result in the grid.

I tested the extension for a couple of days and made some bug reports on Github. Most of them were pretty easy to fix but the one I struggled with was this one. After some discussion on slack, Breno and Dhruv suggested using the Masonry grid for the thumbnails (I was previously using the standard float grid of 3 columns). I made the transition but observed some flickering in the images on firefox when a new batch loaded on scrolling. It was working fine on chrome though. I spent a whole day looking for alternatives or doing some silly fix by using a bunch of timeouts. Again, Breno and Druv came to the rescue and suggested that some animations may be causing this. But even after a few hours of hit and trial and removing and fixing animations, I couldn't fix it only because I was looking in the wrong place. By changing the transitionDuration option of masonry to 0 did the trick. In fact, it was the first thing I should have tried. I should maybe take breaks more often to clear my mind :p

Coming Up

You can check out the project on Github and join the discussion on #gsoc-browser-ext channel on slack.

Special Thanks: Alden, Timid and Kriti