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CC Vocabulary - My Internship Ended


by Chidiebere Onyegbuchulem on 2020-04-02

This blog is part of the series: Outreachy Dec 2019 round: CC Vocabulary

This will be my last blog as an Outreachy intern. My watch as an intern has come to an end. I am glad I chose the Creative Commons community or rather am glad Creative Commons chose me (am not the chosen one). I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge, skills and I am more confident in my abilities.

Summary of My Internship with Vocabulary

I have been more involved with the Vocabulary project during my internship and am happy with the work that has been done so far. I made 24 pull requests with 17 merged. My last contribution was adding a header component to the revamped Vocabulary. Here is a summary of my time with Vocabulary.

When I started my Internship, Vocabulary comprised of:


To use the Vocabulary components, check out its Github repository. You can also have a playground experience on storybook

My Progress

Before this internship, I had just switched careers from Network engineering to Software development and this experience came at the time needed.

Where I was before the Internship

Where I am now

Whats next?

I will continue to contribute to CC open source projects especially to the Vocabulary project that I have become a part of. I would love to see the application of Vocabulary to the development of other CC platforms and applications. I also want to apply the skills that I have acquired to get a full-time software developer position.

My special appreciation to Outreachy for this opportunity, the entire CC team especially those I worked with, My mentors Hugo Solar and Dhruv Bhanushali for their guidance, direction, and help whenever I got stuck, also to the Director of Engineering Kriti Godey for always checking up on me ensuring I had a wonderful internship experience.