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Creative Commons WordPress Plugin Second Phase


by Ahmad Bilal on 2019-07-20

This blog is part of the series: GSoC 2019: CC WordPress Plugin

For the context, I am working with my mentor Timid Robot on Creative Commons WordPress Plugin in GSoC 2019. It is basically an attribution tool, allowing users to attribute their content and include a CC license on their WordPress website. The second phase of the project is now ending, and the plugin has a stable version ready. Following is a summary of the work accomplished during this phase.

Release of v2019.7.1

We have released the latest stable version of the plugin. v2019.7.1 is out and tagged in the wp-plugin-creativecommons repository. Given that a stable release is available, we have submitted it to plugin directory. As soon as their team approves it, the plugin will be available to install for all WordPress users, which is substantial.

What's next

Although the current implentation does the job, but we want it to use new CC License Chooser in the future. The existing approach uses an integrated modal of Partner Interface from 2014. So, currently I am re-writing and re-designing the plugin settings to use the new and improved chooser without integrating it. Other upcoming additions are:

For more, see the GitHub repository.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, let us know in the discussion on #cc-dev-wordpress Slack channel. Looking forward!