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Creative Commons WordPress base theme

theme screenshot

Creative Commons (CC) Base is a universal WordPress theme for all front-facing Creative Commons websites.

Although the CC Base source code is free and open-source software, it’s intended to be used for the CC brand only as part of the CC Vocabulary. To learn more about the policies and licenses governing the use of the theme, view Policies - Creative Commons.

Why CC Base?

CC Base provides uniformity in design and improves the ease of maintenance. The CC Base theme is used across the Creative Commons ecosystem and as a consequence, all the websites are uniform and are generally easier to maintain.

CC Base reduces the barrier of entry to contributing: CC Base theme is essentially a WordPress theme, so anyone with little to no knowledge of web design can easily start contributing to CC websites. To learn more about contributing to CC Base theme, see the Contributing section.


  • Responsive site and images
  • Customizable