Open Source Internships: Project Ideas

This is the project idea list for Google Season of Docs 2020.

CC Catalog API usage guide

Improve CC Catalog API repo documentation for potential contributors

  • The Problem:

    We'd like to improve our documentation for potential contributors in the cccatalog-api repository. This repository includes a few different projects and we'd like to improve documentation for all of them.

  • Expected Outcome:
    • Detailed code and architecture documentation available in the GitHub repository.
  • Internship Tasks:
    • Work with CC’s backend engineer to come up with a plan for the documentation.
    • Write documentation and create pull requests to get it merged.
    • If the documentation requires deployment, work with the CC team to deploy the documentation publicly.
  • Application Tips:
    • Demonstrate your familiarity with the codebase and existing documentation.
    • Explain how you'd like to refactor or expand the documentation in detail.
  • Resources:
  • Skills recommended: Python, Writing
  • Mentors: Alden Page
  • Difficulty: Medium

Vocabulary usage guide

WordPress base theme usage guide

Original Ideas

  • We are open to original ideas for documentation improvements.

    Please talk to us on the #cc-gsoc-outreachy channel on Slack or via the mailing list to find a mentor for the project before submitting your proposal.

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