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Add New Sections, Descriptions, Help Texts, Code Examples, Schemas, and Serializers


by Ariessa Norramli on 2020-10-21

This blog is part of the series: GSoD 2020: Improve CC Catalog API Usage Guide

Welcome to my third blog entry! For week 5 and 6, I added new sections, descriptions, help texts, code examples, schemas, and serializers. I was so productive these past two weeks.

Week 5

For this week, I managed to add a lot of stuff into the documentation. I figured out how to add help texts to classes and how to create serializers. I also managed to move all code examples under response samples. In order to do this, I created a new class called CustomAutoSchema to add x-code-samples. Other stuff that I did include creating new sections such as “Register and Authenticate” and “Glossary”. The hardest part of this week is probably trying to figure out how to add request body examples and move code examples.

Week 6

For week 6, I added another section called Contribute that provides a todolist to start contributing on Github. I also wrote and published this blog post.

All caught up!