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Summary: My GSoD 2020 Journey


by Ariessa Norramli on 2020-12-02

This blog is part of the series: GSoD 2020: Improve CC Catalog API Usage Guide

Thank you for the wonderful experience, Creative Commons!

This blog post serves as a project report for ‘Improve CC Catalog API Usage Guide’. It describes the work that I’ve done during my Google Season Of Docs (GSOD) 2020. My mentors for this project are Alden Page and Kriti Godey from Creative Commons.

In total, there are 12 weeks in the Doc Development Phase. Every 2 weeks, I would publish a blog post to update my progress to my mentors and organization.

Week 1

So, the first two weeks of Google Season of Docs have passed. For the first week, I added examples to perform the query using curl command. I hit some problem with a Forbidden error. Turns out my access key got expired. My problem was solved after obtaining a new access key.

Week 2

For the second week, I started to write response samples. It was tough as I have a hard time understanding drf-yasg, which is an automatic Swagger generator. It can produce Swagger / OpenAPI 2.0 specifications from a Django Rest Framework API. I tried to find as many examples as I could to increase my understanding. Funny, but it took me awhile to realise that drf-yasg is not made up of random letters. The DRF part stands for Django Rest Framework while YASG stands for Yet Another Swagger Generator.

Week 3

Week 3 was quite hectic. I moved back to my hometown during week 3. Took 3 days off to settle my stuff and set up a workspace. I worked on my GSoD project for only 2 days, Monday and Tuesday. I managed to create response samples for most API endpoints. Had a monthly video call with Kriti this week.

Week 4

I reviewed what I’ve done and what I haven’t to estimate new completion time. Thank god, I have a buffer week in my GSoD timeline and deliverables. So yeah, all is good in terms of completion time. I started to write descriptions for API endpoints. Submitted first PR and published blog entry.

Week 5

I managed to add a lot of stuff into the documentation. I figured out how to add help texts to classes and how to create serializers. I also managed to move all code examples under response samples. In order to do this, I created a new class called CustomAutoSchema to add x-code-samples. Other stuff that I did include creating new sections such as “Register and Authenticate” and “Glossary”. The hardest part of this week is probably trying to figure out how to add request body examples and move code examples.

Week 6

I added another section called Contribute that provides a todolist to start contributing on Github. I also wrote and published this blog post.

Week 7

I restructured the file README in CC Catalog API repository. I added a step by step guide on how to run the server locally. I hope new users will be less intimidated to contribute to this project with the updated guide on how to run the server locally.

Week 8

I created Documentation Guidelines which provides steps on how to contribute to CC Catalog API documentation, documentation styles, and cheat sheet for drf-yasg. I also wrote and published this blog post.

Week 9

I had completed all GSoD tasks by week 9. So, I took a couple of days off and fixed last week's PR. Kriti assigned me with new tasks, which is to port CC Catalog documentation from the internal wiki into GitHub repository. Brent, the CC Catalog maintainer explained to me about what needs to be done.

Week 10

I started exploring CC Catalog and its documentation. Reminds me a lot about the first and second weeks of GSoD. Trying to understand new stuff and having an "aha" moment when the dots finally connect. I started to move the documentation from the internal wiki to CC Catalog’s GitHub repository. I also wrote and published this blog post.

Week 11

I finished working on porting CC Catalog documentation from internal wiki to CC Catalog’s GitHub repository. Kriti told me that there would be a meeting in which I have to present what I've done for GSoD. Since the meeting will take place at 1AM in my local time, Kriti told me that I should send a video presentation instead.

Week 12

I submitted a video presentation to Kriti. Finished writing project report and evaluation for GSoD. I published 2 blog posts this week. One for updates on Week 11 and Week 12. Another one is this blog post.

You can view the latest CC Catalog API documentation here.