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CC Vocabulary, the lexicon so far

by Dhruv Bhanushali on Friday, 2019-07-5

This blog is part of the series: GSoC 2019: CC Vocabulary

CC Vocabulary has really come into its own over the last couple of weeks. Here are some of the newest additions to the CC Vocabulary thesaurus of components.

Tokens now have i18n enabled.

Token i18n

The code editor has a new dark Material-design inspired theme.

Dark editor theme

Meet Inputs, the Vue approach to forms.


Say hi to new documentation for Container (and a lot of other components).


Grids are a powerful way to lay your content out.


There's also a new table component. It's still under active development as of now.



CC Vocabulary is much more mature now than it was at the time of writing my last blog. It has a much more stable codebase and a larger collection of polished components. So if you are a developer of CC apps, I would recommend you use some of its offerings in your latest project.

CC Vocabulary is out now, with its code, design and translations on GitHub and a live styleguide hosted on GitHub pages. Please check it out and join the discussions. Since it is too early to even call it a beta, your feedback is crucial in shaping its future and with it, the future of all Creative Commons apps.

Here's a sneak peek!

CC Vocabulary in production
Say hello to CC Vocabulary!

CC Vocabulary is my GSoC 2019 project under the guidance of Hugo Solar and Sophine Clachar. Although not officially a mentor Kriti Godey has also been really supportive and helpful.

Work log

See GitHub commits for in-depth logs.

  • Refactored and massively improved code quality
  • Developed some layout components such as Container and Grid
  • Reworked styling so as to publish a vanilla CSS library
  • Developed a consistent system of colors
  • Rewrote significant portions of documentation for almost all components
  • Split large components like Header and Footer into smaller elementary components
  • Developed an Input component for forms
  • Switched to a developer-beloved darker theme for the code editor
  • I18n-ed the tokens section of the documentation

Coming up

See proposal for in-depth goals.

  • Develop buttons, tables, dropdown boxes (important, urgent)
  • Increase the interdependent use of components
  • Add more generic components
  • Integrate these into CC Search
  • Go to point 3
  • Add a dark theme for the entire styleguide (unimportant, non-urgent)

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