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Revamping the Creative Commons Global Network website


by Hugo Solar on 2019-09-25

The CC Global Network website is the face of our global community; it is the home for a community of advocates, activists, scholars, artists, and users working to strengthen the Commons worldwide. One of our organizational goals regarding the global network is to “create value for members, toward impact at global scale” and that’s why we plan on redesigning the Global Network website.

Increase value for members

When we think of a website focused on members and their possible needs, we have to think about how different users interact with the website. We established three differents users/personas:

Keeping this in mind, three differents homepages were designed according to each identified profile.

CCGN differents homepages

We listened to the community feedback and developed a major revamp of the member section. We improved the member list and the search section by adding useful filters to help identify specific people or groups of people based on a range of factors, such as nationality or language.

User search filters

Member profiles

Member profiles were redesigned to take advantage of the current metadata of users so we can show the information in a better way. In addition, the profile shows more/less information if you are/aren’t approved as a member.

Member profile

Chapters section

Giving more visibility for the local chapters’ infrastructure, this entire section was redesigned considering the network’s global reach and the necessity of easily searching for details and specific chapters. The new interface supports switching between the map and the sortable list.

Map from chapters around the world Chapters list with details

Keeping forward the global network website

This is certainly not the end of our revamp of the CC Global Network website, we're always working on giving the members a better experience by fixing bugs and updating the interface. If you have any feedback, feature request, or bug report please feel free to open an issue in the Commoners repository on Github or reach out to us on Slack.