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Empowering Collaboration in the Commons


by Timid Robot Zehta on 2019-11-25

In the past few months I have been privileged to attend Wikimania 2019 and the Google Summer of Code 2019 Mentor Summit. At these events I was overwhelmed with the amount of care and effort people are putting into their projects and communities.

At Wikimania 2019, I was impressed with how much overlap there is between the Creative Commons and Wikimedia communities. Both communities are actively engaged in expanding the content and participation in the commons--in the collection and communities empowered by open content. I have a lot of hope in what existing and future collaborations will allow. At the conference, I got to see just the tip of the iceberg representing volunteers’ work across the globe. I hope we at Creative Commons can continue to keep the demands of our daily workloads in perspective and increase collaboration with the global effort.

At the GSoC 2019 Mentor Summit I was able to attend a good number of sessions on increasing and maintaining participation. Based on the session discussions and the work already being done by other organizations, I expect we’ll pursue the following strategies:

A couple of organization examples:

Thank you to the community and the work you’re doing <3