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Vocabulary Site Mid-Internship Update (v2)


by Nimish Bongale on 2020-11-09

This blog is part of the series: "GSoD-2020: Vocabulary Usage Guide"

This is a mid-internship blog post. Wait. what!? Already? Let's glance over my progress, shall we?

Vocabulary Site Updates (Edition 2/many more to come)

Oh boy! 1.5 months have passed since I've been investing time in building a landing site & usage guide for CC Vocabulary. A lot has changed since the time of posting my last blog post. A lot.

Hitting "the point of no return" has never been this exciting! Time to step on the throttle! Source: Cliply

What I've been up to


And the cycle contrinues. I guess it sums it all up very nicely. Can somebody appreciate the alliteration though?

Here's a gist of what I've achieved so far:

My github contribution chart is filling up!

What I've learnt

Some say it's hard to learn through virtual internships. Well, let me prove you wrong. Here are my leanings in the past few weeks:

Other community work tidbits

I believe apart from the internship work that I'm engaged in, I should also help around with some community PR work. I've been told I'm always welcome to, which is great!

Bonus content

Not many of you may know this, but this site uses the Lektor CMS. I needed to have it installed on my system (windows 10 OS) to run the code in our site repository. Lektor suggests running the following code in powershell as an installation step:

(new-object net.webclient).DownloadString('') | python

I just didn't think this is a very elegant way. Being an ardent fan, I just had to have it up on there! Now the installation step for lektor is simply:

choco install lektor

on the Windows PowerShell!

Have a look at the package here:

Thank you for your time! Stay put for the next Vocabulary site update!