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Vocabulary Site Updates (v1)


by Nimish Bongale on 2020-10-26

This blog is part of the series: "GSoD-2020: Vocabulary Usage Guide"

Hello there! Well well well. It has been an eventful first few weeks, to say the least! Let's gauge my progress, shall we?

Vocabulary Site Updates (Edition 1/many more to come)

What I've been upto

I've mainly got myself invested in a survey of the existing documentation that vocabulary currently possesses, and find places where it could be made better. After clearing those issues out, I began building the main landing site for Vocabulary, Vue-vocabulary and Fonts. It wasn't particularly difficult to establish the necessary workflows as I had done something similar before. During the process of designing the basic structure of the site, I came across a few instances where I felt we needed new/improved components & I discussed the same with my team over on the sprint calls. The design of the site is nearly done. I'm also building the site parallelly & seeking approval from the CC Design Team. I've gotten myself involved in multiple other community contributions to CC as well across multiple of our repositories.

What I've learnt

Other community work tidbits

Thank you for your time! To be continued...