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Vocabulary Landing Page & Usage Guide Final Report


by Nimish Bongale on 2020-12-03

This blog is part of the series: "GSoD-2020: Vocabulary Usage Guide"

We have reached the end of this wonderful journey. Let's comprehensively recap all my contributions during the GSoD internship period!

Vocabulary Site Updates (Edition 4/4)

After securing acceptance, I received the necessary github invites. I was given write access to the Vocabulary GitHub repository as a CC Vocabulary Core Committer.

Proposed Initial Plan

Project Synopsis

Vocabulary has immense potential to be used as a primary UI component library for website building. What it needs is a robust yet layman-friendly how-to guide. Important developer information such as component guides, usage specifications and configuration tweaks form an essential part of any documentation. This will not only encourage existing users to get a feel of how vocabulary continues to grow and reach new milestones, but also promote the usage of Vocabulary in comparatively newer projects. The desired outcomes of my stint as an intern would not only involve penning out a no-nonsense guide to using the pre-existing components but also the designing and developing of a home page (leading to an integrated documentation for each) for Vocabulary, Vue-Vocabulary and Fonts.

Proposed & Improvised Timelines & Deliverables

Here's a list of all the weekly goals that I met:


Week 1 (09/14 - 09/21)

Week 2 (09/22 - 09/28)

Week 3 (09/29 - 10/06)

Week 4 (10/07 - 10/14)

Week 5 (10/15 - 10/22)

Week 6 (10/23 - 10/30)

Week 7 (10/31 - 11/07)

Week 8 (11/08 - 11/15)

Week 9 (11/16 - 11/23)

Week 10 (11/24 - 11/30)

Week 11 (11/30 - 12/05)

Week 12 (12/06 - 12/12)

Week 13 (12/13 - 12/19)


The Vocabulary Site

Here's the link to the landing site.

All my contributions to Creative Commons!

Fetching dynamic stats from the GitHub API

Here's how the site looks right now:

Snapshot of the final website!
Lighthouse reports
Lighthouse reports for our live site

Core Documentation

Here's the link to the documentation site.

My Learnings And Challenges

Issues & PR's raised during GSoD period

Repository Contribution Relevant links
@creativecommons/vocabulary Developed the CC Vocabulary Landing Page
Implemented dark mode for our storybooks
Carried out a monorepo wide documentation revamp
Wrote the Monorepo Documentation Story
Wrote the Grid Documentation Story
Wrote the "Getting Started" Usage Guide
Added a to adhere to OSS conventions
Unified and updated monorepo build process
Configured GitHub native dependabot
Added phone screen backgrounds
Introduce Snapshot Testing to Vocabulary using Chromatic
Add a maintained with Lerna badge
Add new install size badges for our packages
Customise individual README's for our packages
@creativecommons/ Introductory First Blog Post
Vocabulary Site Update v1
Vocabulary Mid Internship Update v2
Vocabulary Site Update v3
Vocabulary Site Final Update
@cc-archive/cccatalog-api Configured GitHub native dependabot
@creativecommons/ccos-scripts Fix file extension in docs

Follow along my complete GSoD journey through these series of posts.

Memorable Milestones Screenshots

GSoD PR merged!

Behold the dark theme!

Grid Documenation Story

Monorepo Structure Story


My GSoD internship has been by far, a very successful and a fruitful one. I thank the the GSoD team for all their efforts in oragnising it this year. I would also like to thank the entire Creative Commons team for all their motivation and support. The onboarding & see-off was very smooth indeed!

Thank you for all your time! This was the final blog post under the Vocabulary docs series. I'll be around for times to come, but until then, sayonara!