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Accessibility and Internationalization: WrapUp GSoC 2020


by Ayan Choudhary on 2020-08-31

This blog is part of the series: GSoC 2020: CC Search

These is the final blog of my internship with CC. I am working on improving the accessibility of cc-search and internationalizing it as well. This blog is the conclusion of my work. These past 10 weeks with CC have taught me a lot and I am really grateful to have got this opportunity. The experience was just amazing and the poeple are so helpful I really enjoyed working with them and am looking forward to continue working with the CC team.

You can glance through my work through these blog posts:

  1. CC Search, Proposal Drafting and Community Bonding
  2. CC Search, Setting up vue-i18n and internationalizing homepage
  3. Internationalization Continued: Handling strings in the store
  4. Internationalization continued: Modifying tests
  5. CC Search, Initial Accessibility Improvements
  6. Accessibility Improvements: Final Changes and Modal Accessilibity

The progress of the project can be tracked on cc-search

CC Search Accessiblity is my GSoC 2020 project under the guidance of Zack Krida and Ari Madian, who is the primary mentor for this project, Anna Tumadóttir for helping all along and engineering director Kriti Godey, have been very supportive.